McCabe begs for help, denies plea deal

Ex-DOJ and SpyGate figure Andrew McCabe is clearly feeling the walls closing in, to turn a phrase. Last week, he was claiming practically the whole Obama administration would show up at his trial as character witnesses... until they denied it. This week, he's preemptively announcing -- before any indictment is announced -- that he will never take a plea deal. The combination says very interesting things about his state of mind, and I think we are seeing negotiations play out in public view here.

Mccabe's first big public splash was probably a call out to people he thinks are his allies, along with a bit of a veiled threat: "Help me! We must hang together, or we will surely all hang separately!" But.. the answer he got to that was a big, fat nope. People said no. Clearly he was the sacrifice that was being offered.

So, denied the help he expected from his friends, he realized that he really is being offered up. And he panics, in a sophisticated sort of way. He says -- publicly and with emphasis -- that he will never cut a deal. He's clearly afraid of being Epsteined. (Something that appears to be common recently).

There's another level to this too. The Clinton/Obama team are offering up McCabe for reasons besides the obvious. McCabe's sins, at least that he is in danger of indictment at the moment for, are basically leaking about the Clinton email investigation. Clinton and Obama can spin that as McCabe betraying the inner circle. He turned and so he gets hung out to dry. They might close ranks if Trump and Barr try for more.

I have to say, I feel a lot better about the possibility of McCabe getting indicted now, watching him squirm, than I did last week.

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