Kavanaugh, again

It seems the left is trying to propagandize Justice Kavanaugh by recycling the same allegations that failed to derail his confirmation. This seems, at first glance, insane. They can't block his confirmation since he has already been confirmed. The chances of working up a 67-vote supermajority in the Senate to remove him seem even worse.

So why recycle this when they lost the first time?

I suspect it's a combination of three things:

1) They know SpyGate revelations are coming and need to get their base distracted and fired up to keep the news cycle focused somewhere else;

2) They know Ruth Bader Ginsburg, recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, has a very small chance of surviving a second Trump term;

3) If Trump gets another seat, no matter from who, the Left will have lost their control of the court until at least 2025, if not longer.

So the attacks on Kavanaugh serve as battlespace prep for the likely Supreme Court nomination to come, a form of intimidation against anyone Trump might nominate, as well as a useful distraction from the possible SpyGate news. Possibly, also, a shiny impeachment object to throw at their base instead of trying to impeach Trump.

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