Trey Gowdy lowers expectations...

Conservative TreehouseTherefore if Carter Page was not a victim; meaning if Carter Page was an active participant (mole) in the FBI operation – willing to be the vehicle by which the Steele Dossier could be injected into the investigation; then there will likely be no criminal conduct outlined by Horowitz. The head of the tick-tock club was not happy with this possibility.

I speculated about the possibility that Carter Page was a cooperating target some time ago. It was just speculation, and it's still just speculation. While that would make the FBI's life easier in some ways, it would still be a fraud on the court. I don't think that would be a get out of jail free card for anyone, especially as there are likely other FISA targets.

Andrew McCarthy thinks it is unlikely the grand jury voted against indictment, suggesting that sealed charges, a more complicated case (ie, prosecutors want more time), or just jurors wanting more information is a more likely explanation. Those are all reasonable possibilities, but they mostly rely on the idea that it's easy to get a grand jury indictment (the classic "ham sandwich" case).

What bothers me is that that only applies if the prosecutor actually wants an indictment. If they want a no-bill they can blame on the jury, that seems like something they could easily arrange.

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