Medical costs are absurd, unrealistic, and cannot continue

InstapunditMy 92-year-old mother’s first nursing home bill arrived yesterday: Calculated on a yearly basis, it will be $123,120 PLUS $148,920 for round-the-clock sitters (required by nursing home as a condition to accepting my mother) PLUS assorted other charges including $4.56 for two sticks of “lip balm.” (And in case you haven’t heard, neither Medicare nor Blue Cross/Blue Shield covers nursing home care beyond a certain number of days after a hospital stay, and long-term care insurance pays for only about a quarter of the above. Plan well for your dotage.)

As Glenn Reynolds is fond of saying: What can't go on, won't. Ordinary people cannot pay nearly three hundred thousand dollars a year for nursing home care, not even with some insurance or Medicare to help. And so they won't. Whether that means nursing homes lower their prices, or lower-cost options emerge, or people simply go without.

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