Wind-up toys and Ruby Ridge

Bill Quick discusses conspiracy theories on the recent mass shootings, with reference to Ruby Ridge. I think he gets one basic fact wrong; the shotguns at issue in Ruby Ridge were sawed off to half an inch below the legal limit rather than 5 inches, and Randy Weaver thought he was doing it at the legal limit due to measurement error.

Aside from that, I don't know whether the theory that government agents are somehow contacting mass shooters and encouraging them to commit their attacks is actually correct. I know that those agencies are not above encouraging terrorists through informants to commit attacks or conducting armed raids over budget concerns. I'm certain the federal agencies have infiltrated as many "terrorist" and "potential terrorist" groups as they possibly can and probably know who they might be able to wind up. Recent revelations have demonstrated that the agencies are politically biased to an extreme degree and willing to act on their bias in ways that exceed any conceivably legal justification.

In other words, they have means, motive, and opportunity to wind up at least some killers.

I still find the idea that they are actually taking that step difficult to accept. My policy on such things is that I need to see positive evidence. More than circumstantial, more than the three Ms. I know it's hard to get to that kind of evidence in something like this, but it's an extraordinary claim, too.

Let's just say I would not be surprised if there turned out to be something to this idea in at least some cases.

And hell, by that criteria, we're already there; the Texas attack linked above meets everything.

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