Epstein commits suicide

No word yet on whether he fired more than one shot in his jail cell. Well, to be fair, no word on method at all. But if anyone is a target for an assassination before turning state's evidence, Epstein is it.

On the other hand, he's also legitimately a high risk case for suicide.

This should be very carefully investigated.

UPDATE: Peter Grant weighs in, benefiting from his experience as a prison chaplain. He doesn't think this was suicide. And as my comment above implies, I tend to agree.

UPDATE: He was taken off suicide watch before his death, which is itself suspicious. Especially since he was put ON suicide watch after a "suicide attempt" which he claimed was an attempt to kill him. There are allegations of camera malfunctions, albeit with thin sourcing. If Epstein was no longer on suicide watch when he died, there may not have been a camera pointed directly at him, but it sounds like there should have been cameras recording anyone visiting his cell at least. If there aren't, or the footage is not available, that should raise suspicions of foul play. There are already reports that regular checks supposed to take place overnight were delayed.

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