Sue Gordon out, and why

Sue Gordon is out of her position after an Oval Office meeting with Trump. She was Dan Coates deputy who will also be resigning. She was also the choice of many in the intelligence community and Congress to take over the role from Coates after he resigned... notably, though, she was the favorite of Trump's known enemies and weak friends.

So what's really going on?

We have active criminal investigations into the intelligence community's actions to spy on Trump. We have an IG report that is going through the review process before being released. We have a series of leaks in the media trying to frame the events of SpyGate. We have various other efforts to frame the narrative, including Strzok and McCabe suing for unlawful termination. There is, in short, a whole lot of activity by the Russia Hoax conspiracy.

They are the people who get to review and comment on the IG report before it is finalized and released. Dan Coates was the intelligence community member who would be required to authorize declassification of the contents of the report or its supporting documents. When he is removed, Sue Gordon takes that role until a replacement is confirmed.

So what's happening is this:
1) The IG report and related declassification requests go out
2) Coates refuses to declassify enough to satisfy Trump and/or Barr
3) Trump fires Coates and nominates a supporter from Congess
4) Under massive fire from the intel community, the nomination is withdrawn. The intel community practically demands Sue Gordon as the replacement. Given her posting as chief of station for CIA in London during the events in question, Sue is likely involved up to her neck in SpyGate and could be trusted to protect herself and other members of the conspiracy.
5) Trump calls Sue Gordon to a meeting and asks her to declassify. She refuses.
6) Trump fires Gordon based on her refusal.

What happens next? Trump finds out who is next in line after Gordon and asks them the same question until someone says yes. And then the IG report comes out.

UPDATE: Joseph Maguire is next in line.

UPDATE: No Oval Office meeting.

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