Did Bill Clinton commit impeachable offenses?

National ReviewThere had been no discussion of the impeachment of a president for over a century until Watergate. Richard Nixon had the authoritarian Truman-Eisenhower view of what a president could do under the cloak of national security, and by the time his overzealous aides had propelled the White House into the crosshairs of heavy Democratic artillery, he suddenly froze and had no idea how to get through it. Reagan blundered for reasons of compassion for the American hostages in Lebanon into the Iran-Contra mess, but it was never an impeachable offense — just the Congress trying to run foreign policy. Reagan was popular and near the end of his term, and his national-security adviser, Admiral John Poindexter, took the bullet. (He was acquitted on appeal.) Bill Clinton didn’t commit impeachable offenses either, and was shafted by Republican congressional majorities, but he waged a skillful-public relations campaign, and enough Democratic senators supported him so he could finish his term.

I lived through the Clinton impeachment issue, though I didn't pay much attention during his first presidential election. I favored impeachment at the time, as a Libertarian, based on a number of issues. Obviously, I felt that perjury (the most significant crime he was charged with) was something he was both obviously guilty of and serious enough to at least consider the impeachment process on its face. It boggles my mind that someone nominally on the Republican side who actually lived through that period would say that Bill Clinton didn't commit impeachable offenses. Perjury by government officials absolutely must be an impeachable offense. Why? Otherwise the President and his staff, or the judicial branch and theirs, can lie to Congress with impunity, making a mockery of oversight and public accountability, and blocking Congress and the courts from being able to do their job.

You can argue that it might be politically unwise to use lying about sex (and sexual harassment, under oath in court) as a reason for impeachment. But the crime of perjury is undeniably and necessarily impeachable.

And there were ample other impeachable offenses committed by Bill Clinton that still have not been properly addressed, including:
* Covering up the Waco massacre
* The FBI files issue (where FBI files on prominent Republicans went missing, and then turned up in Hillary's office -- sound familiar?)
* Selling US missile technology to China
* Trying to mandate evesdropping on Americans en masse (Clipper Chip)

So, yeah. Bill Clinton absolutely committed impeachable offenses. He should have been removed from office for even one of the above issues, much less all of them.

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