Comey escapes justice for memo leaks

John Solomon reports that Comey will not be charged for leaking his memos.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, it seems like it would be pretty easy to prove; he's practically admitted to every element of the crime. On the other, leaking to the press is small potatoes compared to the FISA-related issues.

I can forgive overlooking the memo leaks if Comey goes down for FISA abuse. But this really does look like another whitewash similar to what the IG delivered on the Clinton email investigation; lots of damning evidence and not a single actual remedy or punishment.

Every time it looks like something new is happening that will bring justice to this absurd situation, the people involved somehow get off with harsh words and a slap on the wrist -- if even that. We need to see some actual justice before 2020, because I am 100% sure the people who tried to fix 2016 will be back to save their scalps by defeating Trump by any means necessary in 2020.

And PawPaw reminds us that intent is not a factor in the classified information law.

Has Barr checked that the people in the decision chain on this aren't conflicted by their own prior involvement, personal loyalties, or political affiliation?

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