A recipe for mass murder

Bearing ArmsYet what I’m suggesting is that at least part the reason they’re angry is that our society is filled with anxiety due to the media and politicians making every single issue into an existential crisis for the American public. The media, and not just the mainstream media but even yours truly, routinely beats the war drums over almost every issue and now we are at a complete impasse as a society, which only heightens the anxiety as no one is interested in trying to work things out anymore.

Couple that with the media also turning mass shooters into celebrities and you create a recipe for disaster.

Yes. It's not specifically the media calling for violence that's the problem, although that does keep popping up on the Democrat side and probably does provide some encouragement. See Antifa, which is really the most direct result of such political encouragement. We don't see many mass shootings with Antifa. We see riots, beatings... violence that is larger scale, but milder. These people are going through the desensitization process to overcome social conditioning against real violence. They will get there eventually, if not stopped. But sane people can recognize the difference between aggressive political speech and outright mass murder, and for now, the incidents of mass murder are different; lone actors out to actually kill and maim as many people as possible.

And the general level of anxiety in the media seeps into people who are already weakened. They snap, because the tension is high for everyone, and the weakest links break first.

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