Another look at the Marina Butina case?

This is the case where a Russian woman was accused by the FBI of, basically, conducting honeypot-style attempts at gaining political influence within the US by pretending to be interested in gun rights and using contacts within the NRA.

Now, one of the people she was accused of seducing has come forward to allege that he himself was a confidential FBI informant and at the instruction of the FBI kindled a manipulative romantic relationship with Maria. That exactly inverts what the FBI claimed was going on, and it appears there was exculpatory material not provided to the defense in her case as well.

The case has many parallels with the Flynn and Papadopoulos cases. So far as I know, the only thing Maria is actually accused of is having contacts in Russia and taking some direction from them. The biggest question mark was whether she was sleeping with people to gain influence with them. If that part was something initiated by the FBI informant she was sleeping with, well, it puts a different spin on things, doesn't it?

It shouldn't be illegal to come to the US and talk about politics and political issues like the right to keep and bear arms, even if you are coordinating with people who share your opinions in your home country. I don't know if that's ALL she was doing, or trying to do, but when the FBI's own confidential informant says we should take a second look at the case because she's being treated unfairly and the FBI is withholding exculpatory information, we should pay attention. Especially in the context of the Russia Hoax. This looks like it's very much a part of the same frame job.

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