Ratcliffe floated to replace Coates, rapidly withdraws

Coates has been widely suspected of holding up releases of intelligence material related to SpyGate, so his replacement shouldn't come as a surprise. Really, the only surprising thing is that he was kept on for so long to begin with. There's a reason incoming Presidents dump political appointees en mass at the start of their term.

I think Trump, at the beginning, though he could gain some bipartisan credit by keeping on members of Obama's team in a few roles, including Coates, Comey, and others. That decision appears to have backfired on him dramatically, but he is slowly correcting the matter.

What is surprising, though, is how the informal nomination was withdrawn almost immediately. I get the feeling the Deep State moved everything they had to torpedo this pick. They want someone who will protect their interests -- like the woman who was chief of station for CIA during 2016 and whose likely involvement in SpyGate means she will work to keep things under the rug.

The thin margin in the Senate for confirmation means its going to be hard to find someone who will go after the Deep State interests here. All they have to do is flip a few Senators on any pretext. And given what they are facing -- ie, criminal investigations in their abuse of their surveillance authority -- why would they shrink from making use of it again to keep themselves safe from that threat?

From their perspective, all they have to do is delay for another year and they will win the 2020 election and be home free.

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