Inverting the burden of proof

PattericoLet me put it a different way: if you really think Mueller is being unfair because he’s not applying all the standard rules to Trump regarding the burden of proof, then I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say: let’s apply all the standard rules to Trump — including the one that says that guilty people get prosecuted. How about we apply the rule when a prosecutor builds a mountain of evidence against you showing your obstruction of justice, you get indicted. Let’s see how well that works out for poor oppressed Mr. Victim of a Witchhunt then.

Patterico has now gone sufficiently nuts that it justifies ceasing to follow his blog.

It should have been a clue when Comey, McCabe, and Mueller all testified under oath that their investigations had not been obstructed in any way. So all that "evidence" Mueller's ghostwritten report spewed up to cloud the issue doesn't matter. It wasn't the OLC legal opinion about prosecuting a president, either; Mueller had to correct his testimony on that, too. And while you can say all you like that prosecutors don't exonerate, they also don't release 400-page reports filled with derogatory information about people they are declining to charge, either. Mueller was way the fuck out of bounds on this one, as was the Obama administration (not just the FBI, DOJ, State Dept, NSA, CIA, and intel community; this goes all the way to the White House).

The fact is, Trump bitched, whined, and moaned about being investigated for over 2 years about a crime that never happened and for which he was spied on, had his civil rights violated, and framed. When he took office the people supposed to work for him instead continued to spy on him, lie to him, take advantage of their positions, and generally behave in appalling fashion. Like any innocent person, he wanted to fight back, and he did, in ways that stopped short of obstruction.

Some would argue he only stopped short because his employees and counsel refused to follow through on some of his requests. Yet none of those requests were inappropriate when viewed through the lens of a President facing a coup attempt from within his own administration.

If you can look at the fact pattern and come out of it that Mueller was bending over backwards to be fair to Trump, you're just nuts... or perhaps caught in an disinformation bubble so huge you can't even see the distortion.

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