I was looking forward to a fourth Thor movie...

... but honestly, now I'm really not. I'm enough of a completionist that I'm sure I will see it eventually, but like with Captain Marvel, I'm going to hold out for free first.

And once again, it has nothing to do with misogyny. What does it have to do with? They are trying to put some sort of gender-swap onto a character who is -- let's be honest -- practically the definition of masculine virtue and flaw, at least during a man's youth; strength, courage, martial skill, not yet tempered by wisdom. Swapping the character to female destroys the character. There's a subsidiary implication in the comic book arc: the idea that the real Thor is unworthy, a proposition that was already addressed and disposed of in the character's first movie. Sure, they led into that concept with Thor's arc in Endgame, but I was pissed about that, too.

So aside from the offensive, political-feminist-BS angle, what else turns me off about this movie?

Well, first off, Ms. Portman's character "broke up" with Thor offscreen in Ragnarok. That was after two movies where the characters, frankly, had very little chemistry, and now have no lingering connection even within the MCU to give Portman a reason to pick up Mjolnir. I can accept, under protest, the idea that Thor somehow became not worthy during Endgame (even though he was wielding Mjolnir during Endgame!). What has Portman's character done to show herself worthy?

Furthermore, Portman is simply not a good actress. She's pretty enough, but her roles to date have mostly included her looking pretty with no facial expressions and otherwise doing an unimpressive and very passive job. The same actress playing (a female version of) Thor? You don't get the sudden dynamic change into larger than life action hero overnight. I could maybe see Scarlett Johannson (except she's already cast in the MCU as Black Widow) or another actress with serious action movie chops pulling this off. Maybe even the actress playing Valkyri (her ability to act in action scenes is unclear but her personality as portrayed is a good match for Thor's). There's no way in hell Portman can do it. Not because Portman is female, but because I've seen her roles in the past and she just doesn't have the personality or acting ability to do it.

I can't help but see this as a disaster in the making, and likely the end of the Thor character's franchise (at least until and unless Chris Hemsworth returns to take back his hammer).

UPDATE: Looks like they want to check off the first gay heroine, too. Aside from the obvious implications that Marvel is going all-woke for this movie, it doesn't really bug me. They aren't disrupting any established characters to do it, so they can do whatever, at least in theory. (What ends up on screen might still suck, obviously).

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