More Democrat-inspired violence

PJMediaA man who was armed with a rifle and throwing Molotov cocktails at the ICE Tacoma Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Wash., was killed by responding police officers, according to the authorities.

At around 4 a.m. on Saturday, the Washington state man, who has not yet been publicly identified, threw “incendiary devices” at the ICE detention center and nearby cars, setting one on fire.

“The male attempted to ignite a large propane tank and set out buildings on fire,” a statement released by the Tacoma police department said. “The male continued throwing lit objects at the buildings and cars.”

When there is a years-long media blitz calling people Nazis and describing prisoner facilities (admittedly suffering from significant and unavoidable overcrowding) as concentration camps, some of the people listening to that media blitz will decide to act on the rhetoric. Even if there are no real Nazis involved, just the ordinary men and women trying to enforce immigration law with limited resources.

People are already dying, and we are uncomfortably close to a second civil war. So far, I don't see any sign of things calming down.

Some would say I'm making a lot of assumptions about motives. I'm not. I read his suicide-by-cop note, and a local anarchist group is taking credit.

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