Don't just legalize; give it away?

BorepatchLegalize and tax? Not my idea, except for pot. All the harder stuff, I want to legalize it and give it away.
Nope, I want to legalize it all the way to the coca and poppy fields. And give it away. You can not undercut my price. It's free. Just line up and we'll give it to you. No need to rob, to commit property crime, that's too much like work. Here, take it.
The terrible part of this is people are going to use till they die. Like those lab rats that keep hitting that lever. But that's happening now. Just like alcohol, we are going to have accept we can't fix it for individuals that are going to use, we have to try to save what we can of the society.

I can't say I really disagree with this, and that's scary.

The unstate consequence of this policy is that drug addicts will die in droves from overdose and general health problems. But the only realistic way to solve the drug problem is to produce people who don't want to do drugs. I suspect that's going to need a combination of social factors (hope, decent employment, etc, for those at risk due to life circumstances) and the brutal hand of evolution over generations.

There are alternative policies, but I don't really see any alternative solutions.

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