FBI Page warrant discussions stalled until Steel dossier

Daily Caller FBI investigators began discussing in August 2016 whether to obtain a surveillance warrant against Carter Page, The New York Times reported.
The discussions stalled until Sept. 19, 2016, when the FBI’s Russia team first received reporting from Christopher Steele, the author of the Trump dossier.
The report suggests the dossier played a crucial role in the FBI’s efforts to surveil Page.

Why does this matter? It strengthens the existing claims, including from Comey himself under oath, that the Page FISA was approved only because of the Steele dossier -- despite that document's known lack of credibility. And it strengthens as well the distinct possibility that the Steele dossier was created specifically to enable the surveillance on Page, because the intelligence community needed to retroactively justify their surveillance of Obama's political opponents going back to at least 2012.

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