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What Should A Black Law Professor Do When A White Student Wears A MAGA Hat In Class?

Teach the class.

Or, better maybe to go home and not teach the class, because, as a "visiting assistant professor of law" who cannot handle seeing a hat without hallucinating that "his shiny red MAGA hat was like a siren spewing derogatory racial obscenities at me for the duration of the one hour and fifteen-minute class," or concluding that "this student was indeed trying to intimidate and/or racially antagonize me."

Suprisingly, however, given the man's purple-hued glasses and tastefully unprofessional nose ring, he was able to have a conversation with the student about the issue: As my blood boiled inwardly, outwardly I remained calm. In an effort to assuage the perceived tension, I jokingly told the student, "I like your hat," when he raised his hand to participate in class discussion. Without missing a beat, the student mockingly grinned from ear to ear and said, "Thank you."

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