Trump to look at banning silencers

ABC NewsPresident Donald Trump stated he would "think about" a ban on gun silencers, following news that the suspected Virginia Beach shooter used a legally-bought gun suppressor.

"I'd like to think about it. I mean nobody's talking about silencers very much. I did talk about the bump stock and we had it banned and we're looking at that. I'm going to seriously look at it. I don't love the idea of it," the president told Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain.

As far as gun rights go, Trump has been pretty much a disaster... unless his judges strike down the gun control rules his administration is pushing by fiat.

I'm not suggesting any 3-dimensional chess here, but the courts seem to be the only real hope for advancing gun rights. The Establishment Republicans won't do it. Trump seems to be worse on that issue that the Establishment. And the Democrats, who used to be afraid to touch guns after Gore lost, are finding their courage again.

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