Mueller's bizarre legal theory

Washington TimesSpecial counsel Robert Mueller and his prosecutors have invoked an unusual “conspiracy to defraud the government” charge to ensnare a Russian cyber network and could use the same legal strategy to go after President Trump and his associates, even if the conspiracy is not linked to a criminal act.

Following that line of legal logic, any Americans who knowingly assisted the IRA troll farm — by feeding them information or directing them on how to employ that information — would be taking part in its scheme “to influence the U.S. election behind the back of the U.S. government.” They would thus be guilty of committing a crime — even if what they though they were doing was legal.

They also could very likely have not known that they were assisting a Russian plot to meddle in the 2016 election, U.S. intelligence sources have repeatedly told The Washington Times.

“Mueller is targeting the ‘useful idiots’ who worked as Russian propagandists who didn’t even realize who they were working for,” a source told The Times.

So let me get this straight. Mueller thinks he can charge people with conspiracy to commit a non-crime for unknowingly providing basic assistance and advice -- like, presumably, "Dude, you need to focus on battleground states!" -- to people they didn't know were Russians. That's absurd.

Charge the Russians for it, that's fine.

Charging Americans for taking perfectly legal actions because they didn't know the people they were talking to were Russians engaged in a conspiracy? That's a step too far.

Mueller's real strategy is clear: keep the "investigation" going until he goads Trump into firing him, and then charge Trump with obstruction of justice in impeachment proceedings initiated by the Democratic house following the 2018 elections.

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