ACLU sues over illegal alien children

Breitbart“Whether or not the Trump administration wants to call this a ‘policy,’ it certainly is engaged in a widespread practice of tearing children away from their parents,” said Lee Gelernt, deputy director of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project. “A national class-action lawsuit is appropriate because this is a national practice.”

When groups of migrants — the so-called “family units” of adults and children — appear at the border, DHS prioritizes its limited number of detention beds for the adults. The accompanying children are safeguarded in other housing run by the Department of Health and Human Services.

What happens to a US citizen with children who is imprisoned while awaiting trial, or after being convicted? They are certainly not allowed to take their children into jail with them. If those children have the other parent or family available, I imagine they are given into the care of those alternatives. If not, we have a foster system. But if we do that with illegal aliens, it would be essentially aiding and abetting their crime. The illegal alien children would be delivered to their destination and disappear into the illegal alien community, doubtless to receive welfare (because with their parents in jail, who wants to support them through labor?) and force the US to catch them a second time when they need to be deported.

The separation happens because of simple necessity. It's not significantly different than what would happen to a US family under similar circumstances. Yes, it sucks to be a child or parent under those circumstances. But when you cross the border illegally you signed up for that.

I have no sympathy.

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