About that vote fraud that doesn't exist...

LifezetteSchmidt testified before a state legislative committee last year that the Pennsylvania Department of State had cross-checked registered voters against state driver's license records and found about 100,000 names of registered voters who had green cards when they obtained their driver's licenses.

Over a hundred thousand registered voters who aren't allowed to vote, and that's just the ones they know about who are in the country legally. What are the odds they aren't actually voting? Especially when they keep adding themselves to the voter registration lists?

LifezetteThat includes multiple instances of foreigners who have re-registered after getting removed from voter lists.

"For some reason, they kept getting plugged back into the system," he said.

Schmidt told LifeZette that it is impossible to know how many of the noncitizens did so intentionally — with the aim of voting illegally — and how many did not read the forms closely enough or were confused about the law. He said in one sense, it does not matter.

I'm mildly sympathetic to the people who think that if they are being offered the option to register, they must be allowed to vote. It's a confusing situation for an immigrant when on the one hand, the rules say one thing, and on the other, the government keeps offering you the option to do something else. That's why governments should do the right thing and refuse to offer the option without demanding (and checking) proof of citizenship.

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