Mass murder in Virginia Beach

CNNThe shooter who opened fire indiscriminately in a Virginia Beach city building Friday, killing at least 11 people and sending six others to the hospital, was a disgruntled employee, a Virginia government source briefed on the investigation told CNN.
The shooter died at the scene after a gunfight with police.
Police Chief James Cervera told reporters Friday night the gunman was a public utilities worker.

Forgive my cynicism, but if he is dead, and they know who he was, and they know that he was a disgruntled employee... why haven't they released his name? Whenever media get shy about this sort of thing, the killer's name is usually Mohammed.

They even name a different mass murderer from a different incident at the bottom of the story. He had a relatively normal, non-ethnic name.

UPDATE: Assuming this is accurate, it's amazing how these mass shooters seem to pick just the areas where we might be making progress in order to commit their attacks. It's almost like a strategy.

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