Democrats determined to prosecute Trump no matter what

Kamala Harris quoted at CNSNewsYou know, I've read the Mueller report, and they outline in that report -- and it was a team of some of the best career people in the Department of Justice who were a part of that -- career people who had been in the Department of Justice.

There are at least ten separate instances of obstruction of justice. I am also clear from reading what he wrote in that report that the only reason they did not return an indictment against this president on obstruction of justice is because of an opinion from the Department of Justice that suggests that you cannot indict a sitting president.

But there is no question that the evidence supports a prosecution of that case.

Actually, Mueller told Barr 3 times before witnesses that the OLC opinion was NOT the reason he declined to indict. And, in a joint statement with DOJ after Mueller's pissy little press conference, Mueller had to walk back his statements a bit. Basically, Mueller is dangling impeachment bait for Congress and trying to worm his way back into the good graces of the left by setting up an impeachment over nothing, and violating legal and prosecutorial ethics rules in the process.

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