What was it that made Mueller perfect for the special counsel coverup?

Aside from his own personal connections to everyone already involved, and his own likely corruption (see the Whitey Bulger case), Mueller also happened to be FBI direct from 2001 to 2013. During that time, the FBI and CIA likely entered into a memorandum of understanding allowing CIA to use FBI contractor access to spy on domestic targets. It was that access that, when Admiral Mike Rogers shut it down, likely prompted the Steele dossier and special counsel investigation of Trump as an "insurance policy" to make sure Trump could be read out of the programs and hopefully removed.

And that arrangement, starting sometime in 2012, is at just about the right time to have influenced the 2012 election... which would be especially urgent as Obama's IRS spying operating on the Tea Party was focused on that same election, and Mueller was working with Lerner to target the Tea Party.

So, in other words...

Mueller worked with the IRS to target the Tea Party (political spying, not just delaying applications), and was then asked to investigate the Tea Party scandal and found no wrongdoing. Then Mueller set up an arrangement with the CIA around the time the Tea Party scandal started to become a problem; the arrangement started in 2012 and lasted until 2016 and allowed the CIA to use FBI access authority for domestic spying (likely with political motives). When THAT got shut down, Mueller -- who had left the FBI -- was brought back in as special counsel to "investigate" (ie, cover up) what he himself had set up.

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