Google restricting search results to left-leaning news sites

Hot AirGoogle provides a significant percentage of the incoming traffic which many news sites get, but the algorithms that determine which sites get that traffic are proprietary and not widely understood. Academics at Northwestern University decided to attempt to quantify how those algorithms work by looking closely at search results for news related queries for one specific month, November 2017. The researchers identified 200 search terms related to hard news events and then ran those terms once for each minute of each day. What they found after collecting all of this data is that Google’s top story search results are concentrated on a small handful of major outlets.

If you exclude the 26% that isn’t rated, the ratio of news that appears in Google search results leans left by more than 5:1. But CJR points out that this result may be skewed by the fact that there are more left-leaning sites than right-leaning ones overall. However, even if you account for this, it appears Google’s algorithm is still tilting the results to the left.

Of course it is. Algorithms are developed by people, trained by people, and given manual tuning input by people. And the people working at Google are so far to the left they don't even know how reproductive sex works. We'll be fine, if we can just survive the current idiots.

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