Incentives for crossing the border illegally

Breitbart1. We are giving the migrants employment authorization right away. ICE has been operating under an Obama Administration policy that started in 2010 of granting the newly-arrived asylum applicants who pass the initial “credible fear” screening “immigration parole,” which gives them temporary lawful presence in the United States. With parole comes the opportunity to obtain a work permit without first waiting the normal 150 days to apply. The immigration regulations of the United States spell that out at 8 C.F.R. 274a.12(c)(11). That work permit enables the alien to obtain employment and compete against U.S. citizens and against those aliens who did it the right way by entering the United States legally. And it’s not short-term work authorization either.

2. The asylum hearing dates are five to six years in the future. It’s not the six-month or one-year period that we’ve seen in the past. Because of the huge backlog in the immigration courts, the migrants are receiving court dates set many years in the future. In the meantime, they get to work legally in the United States. It’s as if they are handed a six-year work visa as soon as they arrive.

3. It appears that we may be giving the migrants EBT cards. Many of the aliens who claim asylum are now applying for free EBT card for SNAP (food stamps) benefits. The cards come pre-charged with money so the migrants can start spending, courtesy of the American taxpayer. Depending on how many are in the group, the card value can range from about $200 a month for an individual to well over $1000 a month for a family unit, depending on its size. And word has gotten out. As a Border Patrol agent told me, one newly arrived migrant came up and asked about the form to fill out so she could get her “free food card.”

Although illegal immigrants are indeed in the country illegally, we give them so many benefits and legal niceties that they may as well be legal when it comes to their chances for being arrested and deported.

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