The NRA's legal troubles...

I don't have any inside information, nor any expertise in the subject matter. I do, however, have opinions. My opinion is that the NRA may be the biggest gun-rights organization out there, but in terms of actually protecting gun rights, it has not been very effective lately. As an organization, it seems to spend a lot of time fighting the wrong battles, or not fighting at all. They seem to prefer endorsing products to their members (eg, selling their mailing list) and funding strangely expensive media projects (NRA TV). Legal challenges to gun control laws have been mostly left to other organizations. And the opinion of gun owners in general is that the organization is too prone to compromise away rights, and has been generally ineffective.

I wouldn't be surprised if there is a remarkably casual and loose attitude at the top levels of the NRA. People in positions of power tend to get complacent when they are not challenged, and quite a lot of public evidence for complacency has emerged. I assume their political affiliates have lawyers keeping closer watch on things. Even so, this is not a good time to have the largest gun rights organization sidelined. Politicians on one side of the aisle are pushing hard for gun control, and on the other side, they are taking small nibbles (eg, the bump stock ban) and seeing who objects.

We do seem to have some positive trends in the courts, which is good. But that's one of the areas that traditionally has not been pushed by the NRA, suggesting something about the NRA's effectiveness in pushing pro-gun policies in general.

One thing is for sure; with the Democrats pushing gun control from the House and their 2020 presidential candidates, the blue states are going to get worse and we'll likely be playing defense rather than offense in the Senate.

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