Sanity in the culture wars

Daniel Keys MoranIf a black woman can be mad at N K Jemisin for her description of one black man in a single novel out of how many she's written, there are no safe spots to stand. Take a deep breath, and write what you think to be true. Someone will be angry about it, if you're lucky enough to be noticed at all.

It's insane to expect everything written (or painted, CGI'd, etc, etc) to be perfectly wholesome, healthy, and fit for social-justice approval. Humans aren't like that. You can't make them like that no matter how much indoctrination you cram into their heads in decades of education. And if everyone was like that -- "perfect" for some values of perfect -- there's no conflict, no drama, no growth... no story, just a bland helping of oatmeal, each spoonful the same as the last.

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