Mueller report released

AG Barr's comments. He thanks Rosenstein. Rosenstein looks constipated; it's political hostage situation. Barr is roping Rosenstein into every major controversial decision here. Barr points out, again, no collusion from the Trump team or any (knowing) cooperation from any other American. Three times (so far). Very heavy emphasis on that point.

Barr says Mueller's report says GRU disseminated some of the stolen materials to Wikileaks. The GRU to Wikileaks claim remains unproven, I think. No member of the Trump campaign colluded illegally in the document release. This may mean the report alleges someone in the campaign did try to get involved in the release in a way that is not illegal. I think we've seen some allegations about this, and they are weak.

Barr notes the Mueller report discusses obstruction, notes his own findings, and explains them.

He discusses redactions at length. No executive privilege. No redactions, or recommended redactions, from anyone outside the AG's office (presumably including Mueller) and possibly from the intelligence community ("advice" not specific redactions). Congress will get a version with ONLY grand jury information redacted.

The full report is now available.

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