The new star wars trailer...

So there's a new Star Wars trailer out. It sucks, and makes me even less interested in seeing the next movie than I was before the trailer came out -- which is hard. To get a feel for how much it sucks, the title they picked is "The Rise of Skywalker".

Unless Rey's been a Skywalker all along, there really isn't a Skywalker in the movie. Maybe Kylo counts -- he's Leia's son but doesn't technically carry the name. But no one wants that pathetic emo whiny idiot to rise. Least interesting villain since... anyone.

What does the trailer telegraph?

Well, Luke is still dead, judging by the voiceovers. If he returns he'll be in force ghost form, probably. They did sort of hint "no one ever really dies", which I take to be mostly cheap bait for fans who didn't like that they mostly killed Luke in the last movie. The only person we see in most of the trailer is Rey, and probably Kylo (based on black leather gloves and little else).

Minor spoiler: the voiceover breaks into evil laughter at the end and the captions label the character speaking "Emperor". So Palpatine may be back. Or Snoke. Or a new Emperor. Who knows? But if it's Palpatine, you've just shit on all 6 of the first two trilogies AGAIN. You've undone everything Luke (and yes, Anakin) worked for. And all for a cheap thrill in the last of three really bad movies.

The voiceover -- Luke speaking -- says he's taught Rey all he knows. Seems unlikely if he's dead and even Yoda wasn't doing much training as a force ghost. And, you know, he didn't exactly want to train her before. And she left.

There is only one positive thing about this trailer, and that is that is suggests to me that perhaps what they were TRYING (and failing) to do with Luke in The Last Jedi is what they did with Yoda in Empire Strikes Back (and succeeded). That is, Luke is playing the "reluctant sensei" role, where the student is expected to camp out on the steps of the master's house for weeks, enduring the elements, starvation, privation, and so on, until finally the master is impressed by the student's dedication and agrees to teach them.

There are problems with that. For one, if that's what's going on, it's not in the script at all. It's horrible writing and directing. Luke comes across as depressed and broken, not someone being deliberately offputting. Compare him to Yoda in ESB; a fucking muppet can convey emotions and expression better than Luke, unless Mark Hamil is being told by the director to convey depression. And second, of course, if that was his goal he wouldn't have killed himself by projecting his force ghost across interstellar space; Rey would have to come back.

Unless Luke's force-ghost-and-stone-topple was just a cheap cliffhanger for the next movie. If that was true, Luke would actually be in the next movie, and not just as a voiceover... and it would utterly cheapen the impact of his "death" if he gets up 5 minutes into the next movie and says "Gosh, I guess I should have been a little more careful where I was meditating" or something.

That does bring something else to mind. Why do Jedi use lightsabers? No one else seems to. Sure, they cut through armor and droids better than a normal sword, and they deflect blaster bolts, which is useful, but force users can work around those issues without a laser sword.

One possible theory is that killing someone with a lightsaber disrupts their force ghost. It would explain a lot. (Obi-Wan technically disappeared before he was killed by Vader's lightsaber, remember; no body at all, not one sliced in half).

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