Another Trump campaign approach by FBI spy

AceFormer Trump 2016 Campaign Adviser Michael Caputo told FOX Business' Trish Regan that a Russian FBI informant approached him offering dirt on Democratic presidential candidate Opens a New Window. Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

"I was approached by a Russian national FBI informant in late May of 2016. He wanted to give me some dirt on Hillary Clinton. I turned it down," Caputo said on Tuesday.

Caputo said he only learned the individual was an FBI informant after he sat down with investigators for Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

"When they asked me about him, I told them what I knew. By their faces I knew that it was someone that had been sent to me. It was after my interrogation with the Mueller team that I went out, hired private investigators and found out the guy had used a fake name, Henry Greenberg, and that he had been working with the FBI for 17 years."

Caputo also said he tried to give this information to Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

That makes at least three spies the FBI and CIA have run at the Trump campaign trying to entrap them with Russian dirt on Hillary. Mifsud tried to tell Papadopoulos about it. Halper tried to pull the information out of Papadopoulos later (and failed). And now Caputo claims the FBI ran an informant at him, too, with the same information.

Note also that this attempt was made in May of 2016. That's well before the July of 2016 that the Crossfire Hurricane investigation was supposedly opened.

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