Supreme Court denies injunction on bump stock ban

Daily CallerThe Supreme Court has turned down two bids to halt the Trump administration’s ban on bump stocks, an accessory that increases a semiautomatic rifle’s rate of fire.

Chief Justice John Roberts rejected one application to stay the bump stock ban on Tuesday. A second and final effort to delay implementation of the bump stock rule was rejected Thursday. As is typical of orders of this nature, the Supreme Court did not give reasons for rejecting the application. There were no noted dissents. Both challenges to the bump stock prohibitions will continue in the federal courts.

Not specifically stated in the article, but I believe these were requests for injunctions against enforcement. As such, it's not a final decision, just letting the law go into effect while the lower courts work their way through. Of course, that means people not protected by an injunction (some people are, the specific plaintiffs and their members, IIRC) are stuck holding stuff they can get in trouble for. Or, you know, going on boat trips.

While this isn't reason to panic on gun rights in general, it's a reminder that gun rights cases are a hard sell at the Supreme Court level.

Speaking of... when was Ruth Bader last seen in public? Recently, it seems, but apparently someone thinks she needs at least 4 bodyguards men in suits to go to a movie.

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