Astroturf: It's all they've got

The FederalistOn February 28, BuzzFeed came out with the actual story: Rep. Debbie Wassermann Schultz aiding in the lobbying in Tallahassee, a teacher’s union organizing the buses that got the kids there, Michael Bloomberg’s groups and the Women’s March working on the upcoming March For Our Lives, doing social media promotion and (potentially) march logistics, and training for student activists provided by federally funded Planned Parenthood.

The president of the American Federation of Teachers told BuzzFeed they’re also behind the national school walkout, which journalists had previously assured the public was the sole work of a teenager. (I’d thought teachers were supposed to get kids into school, but maybe that’s just me.)

Horrific crimes don't turn into political movements driven by victims within days of the event naturally. People understand that. But they don't understand how it actually works because most of them have never been on the inside of a political campaign issue like this. The people who have -- the media people -- mostly agree with the issue being pushed, so they don't have any reason to expose the way these things work.

But that doesn't mean that people can't tell when they are being played.

The events and the appearances from many of the victims were scripted in one way or another. Sometimes, the kids stumbled in their delivery of their lines. Other kids -- whose opinions did not agree with the push for gun control -- were ignored, asked to follow a scripted question, or outright excluded from events.

And that's obvious. People saw it, and reacted. Suddenly the idea of "crisis actors" starts trending on twitter. It's an imperfect expression of a truthful idea. The whole thing -- the media events, the children's speeches, the calls for action -- are being stage-managed by the media, by anti-gun organizations, by political organizers. Are they actually prepping child actors ahead of time to fly out to the site of horrific events like this? Probably not -- but I really have no way to know or find out. Neither does anyone else.

What we do know is that the left and the media definitely stage-manage these things, and if they don't have crisis "actors", they have a crisis team. They have a crisis manual. They have people with game plans, prepared legislation, and a little black book filled with media contacts.

On our side? We have millions of gun owners, and we have the NRA. We're not as organized, we're not as photogenic, and we don't have crisis response teams. But we're real people, and we don't disappear when you turn off the TV.

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