What is the FBI preparing the battlespace for?

So far it's only Thursday, and it's been an exciting week. Last week, just for context, Manafort was sentenced to "No collusion" and Judicial Watch received 300+ pages of communications between Bruce and Nellie Ohr and government officials. And Representative Doug Collins released Bruce Ohr's transcript on SpyGate.

Monday was quiet.

Tuesday: Pelosi said no impeachment.

Wednesday: The FBI sent a SWAT team of 8 agents to arrest famous rich people for bribing other people to get their children into college. Manafort was sentenced to even more "No collusion", and charged with even more "No collusion" at the state level. The Senate announced it would be resuming its investigation into SpyGate. And Representative Doug Collins releases the transcript of Lisa Page's testimony on SpyGate.

Thursday: The FBI filed a "superseding indictment" charging terrorists with terrorism, notable mainly because it was a compound of terrorists training children to conduct school shootings in the United States which they had not previously charged with terrorism. Mueller's top prosecutor announces he will leave in the near future. The Republican Senate votes to overrule a Republican president's use of a routine emergency declaration. There are reports that Barr forced out Weissman by blocking his attempt to squeeze Flynn further and go after Kushner and Donald Trump Jr, and IG Horowitz is investigating Rosenstein and Yates. (UPDATE: Another key member of Mueller's team announced his departure). And Representative Doug Collins releases the transcript of Peter Strzok's testimony in SpyGate

There's a deadline for document production concerning Mueller's chief prosecutor, Weissman, and one of his colleagues on Friday. Note Weissman announced he would be leaving. Most people are taking that to mean Mueller's report is almost done (and thus that this frantic battlespace prep means it is a nothingburger), but it could be that Weissman leaving is because Barr will provide Congress with evidence proving his bias in a manner similar to Strzok and Page.

That a lot of battlespace prep for whatever's going to happen Friday evening. Hold on to your hat.

UPDATE: I'm guessing the mosque attack preempted whatever was planned.

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