Major Bruce Ohr document drop

A Congressman fed up with DOJ redactions released the full, unredacted testimony of Bruce Ohr (scribed version) on the house floor. A few days before, Judicial Watch release a batch of communications between Steele and Ohr that they obtained via FOIA.

Among the notable relevations: Steele was being paid by the FBI and Fusion GPS (eg, both Hillary and the DNC) simultaneously, while also providing related services -- likely also for pay, and likely also including the Trump Tower meeting where the Russians lobbied for sanctions relief -- to Oleg Deripaska, a Putin-connected oligarch. He was triple-dipping financially.

We also have confirmation that the current DOJ is still trying to cover things up:
PJMedia“Out of an abundance of caution, we gave DOJ an opportunity to review them for information that would endanger national security, but after many months and little progress, our patience has grown thin,” Collins said.

“The proposed redactions have nothing to do with national security and are anathema to our goal of government transparency,” he continued, adding, “I am, therefore, today making one of these transcripts public.”

“I intend to make other transcripts public soon,” he added. “I’m willing to consider any reasonable redactions DOJ makes in a timely manner, but won’t allow these transcripts to remain shrouded in secrecy.”

I'd be interested in seeing transcripts that highlight the DOJ's proposed redactions. What are they still trying to hide exactly?

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