ICE raids in Texas

LifezetteA massive sweep in Texas this month resulted in 145 arrests, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials.

It is the latest sign that President Donald Trump’s administration is ramping up interior immigration enforcement.

ICE agents targeted illegal immigrants who either had criminal convictions or had re-entered the United States after they were previously deported. The raids focused on south and central Texas.

A "massive sweep" is 145 arrests? That doesn't seem very massive. But, regardless, it's progress. And with most of the people arrested having prior criminal records or prior deportations, it's fair to say that they aren't upstanding members of the community.

Is this Trump's way of increasing pressure on the Democrats to make an immigration deal that funds his wall, or just business as usual in an America where immigration laws are enforced? Either way I'm glad to see it, because this will mean some 145 criminals are no longer in the US, and 86 of them were criminals for reasons in addition to their immigration status.

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