Muslim terrorists commit most mass shootings per capita

Frontpage Mag In the last decade, there were only 10 major mass shootings where the death toll went into the double digits. Three of those were carried out by Muslim terrorists. That’s all the more remarkable since Muslims make up less than 1% of the United States population, but account for 33% of major mass shootings. Proportional to their representation in the population, Muslims are responsible for far more mass shootings than Americans.

The trend is worrisome. Since 2015, not a single year has passed without a Muslim mass shooting. While 2017’s Muslim mass shooter Kori Ali Muhammad only managed to kill three people in Fresno, his expressions of racial and religious hatred make it clear that we are dealing with a hateful pattern.

It is clear to me that Islam, as practiced in majority-Muslim nations, has real problems that lead readily to violence by its followers. It is also clear to me that it is possible for at least casual followers of the religion to do so without resorting to violence. The problem is telling the difference before the act... and we have seen, over and over, that we can't. Or rather, we the people can, but when we call the FBI to warn them, the FBI can't and nothing gets done.

If we can't tell the difference before we let them into the country, and we can't remove them once they are in the country, then we have to stop letting them into the country at all. In fact, we need to round them all up, and send them home. The alternative -- regular incidents of mass murder that erodes our society's freedoms and constitutional rights -- is unacceptable.

If that sounds a little extreme to you, replace Muslims with gun owners.

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