Contradictions: Glenn Simpson, Rod Rosenstein, and Bruce Ohr

Points of dispute include whether Simpson met with anyone at the FBI about Steele; Ohr says he met Simpson and has notes to back that up. Simpson said he didn't know much about the Alpha Bank-Trump Tower story in the New York Times. Ohr said, and again his notes back it up, that Simpson told him the story in the Times (which claimed the communications were spam, not secret Russian plots) was incorrect. In other words, the NYTimes was debunking a Fusion GPS allegation and Simpson told Ohr the allegation was accurate. Ohr testified that Simpson gave him incorrect information about Cleta Mitchell and her relationship with the NRA.

And Ohr claimed he told Rosenstein that Nellie Ohr, his wife, was working for Fusion GPS. Rosenstein refused to answer the question to Congress twice.

I don't think Ohr is lying here. That doesn't mean he's clean, it means he got caught and knows it.

Ohr's full testimony has been released.

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