There's Russian collusion among the Democrats

American GreatnessInvestigating any possible crimes committed by members of the Clinton campaign or the Obama administration apparently is taboo, given the exalted status of both. But every time Mueller seeks to find incidental wrongdoing by those around Trump, he only makes the case stronger that behavior by those involved in the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration should be investigated.

If such matters are not treated in an unbiased manner, we are not a nation of equality under the law, but a banana republic masquerading as a democracy.

Mueller certainly won't investigate any of the crimes described here that were openly committed and not part of the public record by the Democrats. Someone else might -- a special counsel who was not a participant in those crimes, for example. But I think the core problem here is simple: when Clinton lost, all those who had committed crimes to support her candidacy had a sudden epiphany.

They realized that if Trump remained in office, he would inevitably discover what they had done, and just as inevitably expose them publicly and prosecute them. At best they would lose their jobs and their power.

At that point it became a matter of survival for those involved.

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