Time to start writing letters to Senators

Shall Not Be QuestionedIt looks like the big thing we have to worry about post-Parkland is going to be a move to raise the age for buying a long gun from 18 to 21. I’ll be honest, telling a 20 year old kid who’s coming back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan that he’s responsible enough to use an M4 to shoot Taliban for God and Country, but not responsible enough to own a semi-automatic AR-15 to shoot paper or to say, defend his family after a natural disaster, does not sit well with me at all. Are we going to repeal the 26th Amendment? Because if they aren’t responsible enough to own a rifle, why are they responsible enough to vote? Maybe we shouldn’t let them join the military either. Maybe we should raise the age you can get married without parental permission back to 21, like it used to be in many states?

Read the whole thing. Sebastian has good points, especially in the last paragraph where he points out that if the Republican party wants to lose support from gun owners, this is exactly how they should do it.

I will only add that I saw this proposal coming from Jeff Flake, who has already announced he won't be facing the voters in November anyway, and Marko Rubio, who pretends to be a conservative but is reliably squishy despite being photogenic. That's two Senators we've already lost on this.

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