Barr, Whitaker, Rosenstein, Mueller

Barr has been confirmed as Attorney General. He's not exactly a popular choice among the base, being anti-gun and pro-predawn-raid, and mildly infamous for his role in covering up the Ruby Ridge murders by FBI agents. He's also reportedly close personal friends with Mueller.

Whitaker, the current Acting Attorney General, is supposed to be supervising Mueller, but if so, he didn't stop Mueller's pre-dawn armed media circus on peaceful 62-year-old Roger Stone.

Rosenstein has said he intends to remain at the FBI until Mueller is done with his investigation and will then retire. That's good, right? But wait. Why does Mueller's investigation matter to Rosenstein's retirement date if Whitaker is supervising Mueller?

People keep saying Mueller is wrapping up his investigation and will issue a report "soon".

Mueller, on the other hand, is leaking that he may need months to go through the "evidence" he seized from Roger Stone. That's not very consistent with being done "soon", and it's not consistent with Rosenstein retiring "soon", and it's not very consistent with Whitaker, rather than Rosenstein, supervising Mueller.

So, the way I see it, Mueller is still going to Rosenstein as his supervisor, and Rosenstein is still all-in on SpyGate, and Whitaker is still out of the loop just as Sessions was. Sessions formally recused himself, which made it ok. Whitaker did not, so the SpyGate team are informally routing around him. It will be up to Barr to put a stop to that. We'll see if he actually does.

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