Weissman exposed for leaking Stone arrest to CNN?

In case you don't remember, Weissman is one of Mueller's lawyers. He has a rather vicious reputation for being ruthless and unethical.

Stone has released what he claims is proof of the leak to CNN by Weissman. It's based on differences between the documents he received from CNN reporters and those publically posted, combined with metadata indicating the documents' author ("AAW") and creation date (1/23/19, before it was filed). In other words, the CNN reporter sent him Weissman's working copy directly rather than retrieving an official court document.

Is it real? No idea. But that's the standard these days, right?

As they say in the news media, if true, this could get Weissman in real trouble. It's not proof he leaked the document, but the list of people who would have access to it is surely very short and all of them would be on Mueller's team.

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