The real reason Mueller had to raid Stone

It's all making sense now.

USA TodayThe court session came a day after federal prosecutors disclosed that they had seized a cache of potential evidence from Stone's home and office following his arrest last week. Prosecutors and Stone's attorneys have agreed that material is "voluminous and complex," and includes "multiple hard drives containing several terabytes of information," including messages he had sent and received over several years.

Prosecutors told Jackson on Friday that they had seized so much material that they might not be ready to bring Stone to trial until October.

As long as he keeps creating new "process crimes" to investigate, Mueller can keep the investigation going. He can simply outlast the people who want to rein him in, and every time he gets pressure from Trump, or Barr, or Whitaker, to hurry up and write his report and get it over with, he just turns over another rock and raids someone else and has to spend months going their records before he can be finished.

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