Dem Gov Northam is a racist baby killer

Think I'm kidding, or even exaggerating? His college yearbook pictures invite the question were you the one in blackface or the one in a Klan hood? And his recent comments on abortion legislation seem to advocate for infanticide, as they reference a mother and her doctor discussing whether to terminate the life of a viable baby after it has been born.

He was 25 at the time the yearbook was published. That's well into adulthood. As someone who was alive in 1984, I can assure you that Klan robes and blackface were not considered acceptable in any context. And this idiot chose to publish them and promote them as part of his public and permanent image.

Oh, and his nickname was Coonman, which seems potentially awkward in context too.

CNN gets a special media bias prize for claiming he is a Republican in the chyron. He's not. He's a Democrat.

Racist baby killer Northam must resign immediately and never again seek public office.

UPDATE: He's now denying he is in the yearbook photo, but admitting he wore blackface for a dance contest. I believe his admission, but not his denial. He must resign.

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