A little bit disgusting

Instapundit is now featuring begging posts from people asking other people to pay for their "costs" in getting over anorexia. If you don't know, anorexia is a mental disorder involving the desire to be unhealthily thin. Primarily suffered by females in appearance-related roles (actresses, models, etc) and those who aspire to be beautiful like them (ie, almost every teenage girl ever).

I'm sure it's not much fun to deal with, but it's not a medical problem outside of your own control. You're basically just starving yourself, which causes health problems when taken to extremes.

It's really not an appropriate use of crowdfunding, and while Glenn and friends can do whatever they want with their platform, I'm personally disappointed and a little offended that they used it to promote someone's self-interested bleg for help with a self-inflicted medical problem.

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