It's all a shakedown

InstapunditIT’S ALMOST LIKE THE MASSIVE TAX REVENUES THEY GET FROM TOBACCO GIVE THEM A CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Federal, state governments failed to prevent smoking, report says. On the 20th Anniversary of the tobacco settlement, we hear this: “In fiscal 2019, states have received $27.3 billion in funds from the agreement, yet none of the money has gone to tobacco prevention programs in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.” It’s as if the whole thing was just a big shakedown.

Judicial WatchThe truth is Congress has for years diverted billions of dollars in September 11 Security Fees and used the money for other causes not related to air security. This predates the recent government shutdown and indicates where the “safety and security of the American people” sits on the congressional list of priorities. In 2001 the TSA fee was $2.50 per passenger, but Congress increased it to the current $5.60 in 2013 and restructured the payment plan so that around $13 billion of the TSA fees would go to “deficit reduction” and other government sectors. Under the revamp, created by the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013, the revenue collected from passengers gets deposited in the general fund of the U.S. Treasury and a chunk of the money is used for other matters. The original statute enacted after the worst terrorist attack on American soil specifically required that the revenue from the passenger security fee be dedicated to providing civil aviation security services. The Budget Act amended it to require that a portion of money, $12.63 billion generated over 10 years, is deposited in the general fund as “offsetting receipts for the Federal budget.”

It's like everything is just a big shakedown to bring in more money under Congressional control.

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