Court refuses to unseal records in whistleblower raid

Daily CallerA federal court refused to unseal government documents that permitted the FBI to raid the home of a reportedly recognized whistleblower who, according to his lawyer, delivered documents pertaining to the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One to a presidentially appointed watchdog.

The U.S. District Court of Maryland’s Chief Magistrate Judge Beth P. Gesner, a Clinton appointee, also sealed her justification for keeping the documents secret in a single-page Dec. 20 order.

This is a followup to earlier reporting on the raid conducted on this whistleblower's house. The whistleblower provided documents claiming the FBI failed to investigate wrongdoing related to the Clinton Foundation and the Rosatom uranium deal. The FBI then raided his house, with the reason for the raid under seal, and now the reason for keeping the raid under seal is also under seal. Why is this not retaliation? We don't know; it's under seal.

We have secret courts and secret cops. It's not a secret that we no longer have justice.

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