Rosenstein expected to depart DOJ

Power LineA local D.C. news outlet has tweeted that “Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is expected to leave his role in the coming weeks.” There’s nothing surprising about this report, which is consistent with what I’ve been hearing for some time. With any luck, a new Attorney General will soon be in place. He will want and deserve a new Deputy.

The sooner Rosenstein leaves, the better. From day 1 on the job, Rosenstein has been a Deep State stooge enabling the coverup of SpyGate.

UPDATE: The bad news is he's expecting to stay until the Mueller report is released.

And on the gripping hand... remember that bit about wearing a wire on Trump and invoking the 25th amendment? Turns out he was serious, or at least Page and Strzok took him seriously rather than sarcastically. I had thought he must have been being sarcastic about it. I guess I was wrong.

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