Russian lawyer charged with obstruction

Washington PostA Russian lawyer whose role at a 2016 meeting at Trump Tower has come under scrutiny from special counsel Robert S. Mueller III was charged Tuesday in a separate case with obstructing justice in a money-laundering investigation.

The indictment unsealed Tuesday relates to a different legal fight involving the Russian and U.S. governments, and charges Veselnitskaya made a "misleading declaration" to the court in a civil case arising from an investigation by federal prosecutors in Manhattan into suspected Russian money laundering and tax fraud. She did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Before you bother reading it, remember that this is the same lawyer employed by Fusion GPS to lobby for repeal of the Magtnitsky Act, asnd who did in fact lobby for the repeal of the Magnitsky Act in her meeting with Trump Jr, so disgusting Jr that he left after a few minutes. And remember that she met with Fusion GPS immediately both before and after the meeting.

Now Mueller is charging her with obstruction.


It's Mueller's usual playbook. He wants leverage. He wants her to give him something on Trump and she won't do it, or he wants to keep her quiet about how that meeting was arranged with Fusion GPS. Or more likely both.

So why isn't she cooperating? Because if she cooperates, her connections to Hillary and Fusion come out. No, she's staying safe in Russia where she doesn't have to answer any questions. And the obstruction of justice charges from Mueller ensures that she will stay there, where she can't change her mind about that.

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